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Born in England, but raised in Texas (theoretically part of the United States), I am eclectic, eccentric, and always on the move. I like variety, and constant, controlled change is my way of doing things. By today’s standards I might be considered to have ADDD (Advanced Dungeons & Dragon’s Disease). I would counter that I simply move more quickly from topic to topic. In certain situations I am extremely contemplative and patient. Depends on the day and the need. I’m also somewhat conservative in my political and religious views.

My vocation is split between a love for teaching and
digital electronic design. I’ve authored one book,
SystemC: From the Ground Up, and numerous

presentations and papers. I am currently employed by

Doulos, a global leader in training for electronic

hardware designers.

My primary language is English. I know a very small
amount of Spanish, and a large number of computer
programming languages. I am fluent in C/C++, Perl,
SystemC, SystemVerilog, HTML, and many other

computer programming languages. See my resumé for more information.

Need to see my resumé? Click HERE.


My interests include Family, Scouting (esp. Venturing), Backpacking, Star Gazing, Macintosh, Gadgets, South Austin Church of the Nazarene, and Cooking.

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